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Sark 850

The Sark 850 is designed for medium to large size companies of up to 50 extensions.




The system is built in a rack mount chasis and designed to be fitted within a standard computer comms cabinet. As with its smaller brother the IP50 is a true IP system ready for VoIP services but also has the flexibility to connect to both ISDN 2 lines or a Primary rate ISDN circuit for a up to 30 lines.



  •     50 x Extensions
  •     50 x Ring Groups
  •     8 Hours of Recording time for voicemails and greetings
  •     6 Months of Call Detail Logging (export to CSV available)
  •     4 x Call Queues
  •     4 x Multiway Conference Rooms (pin code protected)
  •     Choice of IP Only, 4 x ISDN2e or 1 x ISDN30 Primary rate interface
  •     Unlimited SIP trunks


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